Participating Labs

The following groups would be able to host a post doctoral fellow in this call, please click on the name of the group leader for further information.

  • Julius Brennecke

    Mechanistic insights into piRNA homeostasis by time-resolved RNA sequencing

  • Alejandro Burga

    Molecular determinants of biological idiosyncrasy

  • Chris Campbell

    Causes and consequences of chromosomal instability

  • Tim Clausen

    The Ubiquitin-Proteasome System - From targeted protein degradation to remodeling the proteome

  • Yasin Dagdas

    Autophagy mediated cellular quality control mechanisms in plants and beyond

  • Alex Dammermann

    Mechanisms of Centrosome Assembly and Function

  • Juergen Knoblich

    Brain development and disease

  • Alwin Koehler

    How phase separation of lipids and proteins regulates nuclear architecture and function

  • Anna Obenauf

    Molecular mechanisms of metastasis and drug resistance

  • Shotaro Otsuka

    Visualising Cellular Dynamics by Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy

  • Arndt von Haeseler

    Computational Approaches to analyse single cell sequencing data

  • Bojan Zagrovic

    A search for fundamental principles of RNA-protein interactions from a unified experimental/computational perspective