Participating Labs

We have 29 groups offering a position this year, please see below for further details:

  • Luisa Cochella (IMP)

    Establishing a screening system for cell-essential functions of miRNAs

  • Ulrich Elling (IMBA)

    Mapping out genetic dependencies in reprogramming and other cell type conversions to understand the path of cell fate change.

  • Sebastian Falk (MFPL)

    Reconstitution and biochemical analysis of protein complexes from the nuclear RNA interference pathway

  • Daniel Gerlich (IMBA)

    How genomes fold into chromosomes: an integrated genomics and imaging approach

  • Sasha Mendjan (IMBA)

    Cardiac lineage differentiation and self-organisation in 3D

  • Shotaro Otsuka (MFPL)

    Quantifying transport competence between the ER and the nucleus by sequential photoswitching in living cells

  • Andrea Pauli (IMP)

    Using zebrafish to gain mechanistic insights into the egg-to-embryo transition

  • Jan-Michael Peters (IMP)

    Chromatin architecture in the nucleus: towards understanding the genome’s 3D organization